Van Tec Marketing Team: Kaycee, Carolyn, Brittany

The Impact of Marketing


From Challenging to Optimistic

There’s a considerable amount of risk to starting your own business. You have to be diligent, practical, and flexible. It was a tough time for start-ups during the COVID-19 pandemic; many businesses failed due to the lack of resources, traffic, and employment. Businesses started to lose hope and gave up. As we have reopened the public in the last several months, businesses are finally able to get back on their feet. Van Tec Marketing, located in the Arcade in Dayton, Ohio, also started and struggled through the pandemic, but was able to grow and become a successful business. 


Marketing in Dayton, Ohio

What is marketing? According to Google, “marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” It’s no secret that marketing is essential for a business to succeed, specifically for small businesses. According to the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, “to date, the Chamber serves 2,500 businesses in a nine-county region.” For these businesses to stay afloat, there has to be a significant amount of online marketing as the world starts to digitalize. 


Digital Marketing in a Business

There are many apps today that can help and promote a business. For example, Instagram reels enables enterprises to gain followers, leads, and sales. It’s ideal for a business to post at least three times a day. This includes a reel, graphic, and photo of the company or community. This goes for Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other social media apps as well. Posting on these apps consistently will help bring in traffic, making your business stand out against competitors. 


About Van Tec Marketing

Van Tec Marketing is a digital marketing agency that started in 2020. In the past three months, we have expanded to an entire in-house team, including CEO John Hegyi, Marketing Manager Brittany Jensen, marketing coordinators, web techs, and interns. With the help of the current and former groups, we’ve gained thousands of followers and brought in leads, sales, and networks. It’s been crucial to have both an in-house and remote team in order for the business to be successful and prepared for the future. Follow us on all social media platforms to learn more about Van Tec Marketing!

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Article by Aubrey Wiltshire




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