Do you want to hire the perfect employees to achieve your sales and marketing goals? But perhaps you’re not quite ready to commit to training these new hires and paying them full-time salaries. In such a case, hiring a professional marketing agency to get the job done will be the solution for you. Here, Van Tec Marketing shares strategies for success. Let’s get into it.


Simplify Your Operations


There are so many tools and services out there that can help streamline your operations and simplify your processes. In addition to hiring a marketing agency, using a web-based project management service may be one. Hiring digital marketing service providers like Van Tec Marketing is a great way to go as they manage website creation, ad strategies, and social media campaigns to reduce your workload. Forming an LLC or limited liability company is another excellent off-the-shelf option, as it provides tax advantages, reduced paperwork, and increased flexibility. Opting for a formation service also helps minimize hefty lawyer fees. Each state has its own rules regarding LLC formation, so be sure to check out the laws in Ohio before proceeding.


Why Hire outside the Company?


It’s simple. When you hire a marketing agency, you’re increasing the likelihood of revenue at a lower cost. This is because marketing agencies typically work on a project-to-project or ongoing basis. You don’t need to train them on company values, HR, and so much more that come with a typical full-time onboarding process. In addition, marketing agencies handle their own taxes. This significantly reduces expenses too.


What to Look for in Your Marketing Agency?


A great sales team is integral to business growth. Your team will help qualify new customers, close deals, and negotiate prices. In addition, a great marketing agency should be trained in:

  • Building relationships with new and old customers and finding fitting opportunities for cross-collaboration.
  • Monitoring industry strategies, statistics, and methods, as well as analyzing competitor products to launch new marketing collaterals and products.
  • Understanding the sales goals of the company and synchronizing the needs with tangible sales efforts like pitching products, addressing a need, or adding value.


Where to Find Your Marketing Agency


When finding the right additional resources for your sales team, there are various recruiting strategies to employ. Here are a few ways to find that perfect candidate.


  • Post your job online: Sites like LinkedIn and Indeed are great for getting your post out there. This way, representatives from qualified marketing agencies can get in touch with you and let you know all they have to offer your company.
  • Incentivize your existing team: Word of mouth spread is an effective way to find great marketing agency candidates. Ask your inside sales team if they’ve worked with any marketing agencies in the past that delivered great results, and offer them incentives for bringing qualified candidates in.


Don’t forget to write a thoughtful and detailed job description to attract a marketing agency that has exactly the experience you’re looking for.


To skyrocket your reach, traffic, engagement, and most importantly – sales – you’re going to need the right team behind you. The great news is that hiring outside the company allows for great results – without straining your resources. Happy hiring.


Another essential to growing your business is having the right digital marketing team backing you up. At Van Tech Marketing, we offer a results-driven approach to your online presence, so you can reach your target audience, boost reach, and direct sales. Click here to contact us for more information today!


Article by Emma Grace Brown