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Send a message to your potential or current clients offering them new promotions and advertisements
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What Email Marketing Does For Your Business

Our Process

Our team will design and create your email marketing campaign according to your business’s specific goals and objectives. We will build a contact list so you can drop new promotions, provide client updates, and generate more leads or sales.

Building A Target Audience

Building your audience by collecting emails from your website, clients, and social media accounts allows you to grow your contact list. We will create a targeted list to suit any campaign style or business goal and advertise to that audience.

Tracking & Optimizing

Tracking the data from the email campaigns allows us to optimize your campaign for maximum ROI. We use the performance results analytics to gauge how well the email campaign did and adjust as needed. Our goal is the lowest cost for the highest return. 

Monitoring & Reporting

Our team will monitor your emails to ensure none of the campaign budgets are being misspent. In addition, our team builds reports demonstrating performance and ROI with regular calls or meetings to review them with an expert.

Plans & Pricing

We provide personalized plans and pricing to meet your business’s specific needs and goals. Our management fees are based on your campaign’s budget. Every campaign is managed by a dedicated marketing expert and includes