5 Ways To Build a Better Business With Technology


Because the business industry is a highly competitive field, it is difficult to launch a successful company. If you want to build a better business, it is important to embrace technology and use digital innovation to grow a company. Use these five tips to get started.


1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is how you advertise your company via online platforms. The expansion of the internet has brought digital marketing techniques to the forefront of advertising strategies. Developing a strong web presence is a great way to keep your target audience engaged with what your company has to offer and appeal to new clients in a cost-efficient way. If you aren’t satisfied with your current digital marketing strategy, the Van Tec Marketing team can fully optimize your site and enhance your social media marketing efforts!

2. Provide Remote Work Options

One study shows that 60% of people prefer to have remote work options instead of going to the office each day. Providing your employees with remote work options is a good way to attract talent, and you won’t lose productivity. It’s important to note that allowing people to work remotely allows you to save money on office space, so this can be a wonderful way to balance your budget if your company is struggling financially.

3. Use Time-Management Tools

One of the biggest losses in productivity occurs when your employees don’t know how to manage their time properly. Technological advances have produced numerous time-management tools that help every member of your team perform assignments in a timely manner. Investing in project management software is also a good idea because it helps all of your employees get on the same page.

4. Build a Mobile App

Mobile apps are a great way to improve the user experience between your customers and your company. Building an app allows you to provide all of your customers with important information in an easy and cost-efficient manner. It also makes shopping easier for your clients. If you choose to build an app to improve your business, it is essential to make sure the navigation is user-friendly and that the app is appealing and eye-catching for your consumers.

5. Analyze Data With Process Mining

Analyzing your sales and customer data is essential for building a successful business. You can spend a significant amount of time looking through the records yourself, or you can invest in an app that analyzes the data for you. This is a great practice to save some time and streamline the administrative tasks that are associated with running a business. Gaining a better understanding of your target audience also helps you meet the needs of your customers so that you can produce products and services that appeal to them. It helps you track sales and trends in the current market so that you can stay competitive.


Process mining is a type of data analysis that uses algorithms to discover patterns and trends hidden in business data. This information can then be used to improve processes and make better decisions. For example, process mining can be used to determine where bottlenecks occur in a process, or to identify which steps are most likely to lead to errors. By understanding how your business’s data flow, you can use process mining to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Click here to learn about process mapping and mining.


Running a business is challenging, but technology and digital innovations can make many tasks easier. Invest in digital marketing, allow your employees to work remotely, prioritize time management, build an app, and use process mining to grow your small business sustainably. 


Article by Emma Grace Brown